Studio M Selections

At the contract appointment, we were advised to book in for our colour appointment and were given a colour pack with information regarding Metricon's suppliers for ceasarstone, laminate, roof tiles, bricks etc...

After reading some blogs of people's experiences, we did a lot of research for the pending appointment, including visiting Austral bricks design centre at Horsley Park where they have a small wall dedicated to each brick category & brick colour.

Saying that, its still quite hard to visualise a whole house by looking at a small wall space..see below

We also made extensive use of the Studio M online design website, which is excellent, even though the supplier/material/colour choices are not always those applicable for NSW.

The first colour appointment was for the external colour selections. This included brick selections, roof tiling, colour of eaves, garage style and colour, downpipes, render colour to front portico and outdoor room.

Colours and Styles

Traditional with front portico render

(See comments here about these bricks)

Garage Door
Garage Door - Panelglide Caoba Colorgrain - Tuscan

Windows, Guttering, Downpipes
Aluminium Windows - ColorBond Paperbark

Guttering and Downpipes - ColorBond Dune

Fascia and Eaves

Fascia - ColorBond Dune

Eaves - Dulux Limed White Quarter


Render to front Portico - Dulux Shattel

Roof Tiles - Classic Gunmetal


Rear Bi-fold Doors Color - Intergrain Dark Oak

Entry Door Color - Intergrain Dark Oak

Entry Door Style - Windsor WIN6G Pivot Frame (Reflection package)


  1. Love your neutral colour selections - We chose the plantation facade - its hard to believe 2 houses the same are going to look so different!

  2. Thanks Lauren and Richard! Colour selection is tricky would you agree?

    Did you guys need to make any structural changes/additions/tweaks?

  3. Colour selections are absolutely tricky!! Richard was too busy with work to go on the day it was scheduled, so I had to go by myself - I couldn't believe some of the things you had to pick! Hopefully I did ok, but we had a fair idea of what we wanted before I went.

    We had to make quite a few structural changes:
    1. We had to extend the garage so it was wider (in line with Council DCP, God knows why!!

    2. We had to add a balcony to the side that faces the road (again because of Council DCP and being a corner block, we weren't able to have just a "flat side" of the house).

    3. We had to split our bottom level, the study, living and laundry and powder are on one level, then the back of the house, the kitchen, living and dining are two steps up at the back - because of our sloping block.

    4. We moved the master suite from the back of the house to the front so we could have the balcony off it and take advantage of the views.

    5. We added a work space off the back of the garage...

    Unfortunately, we don't have an outdoor room, as our block was too sloping to fit one in - our cut and fill is only allowed to be 1m.

    I think that was all the major ones!

    I took the kitchen sink out of the island bench and put it in the middle of the bench behind... and shortened the island bench by 26cm so we didn't have to have a join in the lovely casesarstone!

    Just those things alone have cost a small fortune! But it will be worth it!

    How about you? Any significant changes?

  4. Sure did, some voluntary and some not so, much like yourselves.

    We too had to split to allow for the contour on our block, as a step down to the kitchen/dining/living (it's a great space by the way, photos don't do it justice).

    Also had to nudge our garage back a couple of metres to accommodate the shared driveway that arcs through our block and still be able to park cars in front of the garage. This unfortunately meant we lost the window to the powder room.

    Other than this we added an outdoor room, an external door to the garage, and tweaked a few window styles, that's about it I think.

    The rear facing master bedroom suits us because of a potential mountain view - one of the reasons we picked the Newhaven design. I say 'potential' because it somewhat depends on what gets built on the street behind us unfortunately.

    Ahhh - Richard gets the garage workspace! I wanted it too but those cash register sounds keep ringing away in your head, don't they. Will settle for a shed. :)

  5. Those cash register sounds seem to get scarier the further into the process you get!

    Good luck with your potential view of the Blue Mountains, that would be spectacular. We've been really lucky actually, the block in front of ours, which is on the down slope, is being built, and we have discovered that it is 2 single storey town houses, so it doesn't block any of our golf course or escarpment views. We really expected a double storey, so we're pretty happy about that!

    We also lost our window in the powder room because of the garage... and the laundry... because of the workspace... but if thats the worst things, I think we're doing ok!

    We went out to the block on the weekend and we have surveyors pegs and a sediment fence, so thats a bit exciting!!