Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday update- Eaves are on

After my little rant yesterday our SS assured me that the eaves would be installed today as well as the bi-fold doors.

Eaves were supposed to be installed and painting completed by today. After the no-show yesterday, we are behind, and our SS needs to inspect the eaves linings before he can order the painter to paint the eaves.

As I see it, they were almost done this morning at 10am and if our SS was onsite, then he could have inspected it and had the painter start on the job today. Sigh.

Can't complain though as the render was done to portico and eaves lining installed, better than no work, as has been the case in the last couple of weeks.

We are happy with the way the eaves brings out the dune colour of the gutters and fascia.

Once the painting of the eaves is completed then the scaffold will be taken down and we will get a better look of how the house is taking shape.

Hope everyone's build is progressing too :)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sunshine and no work, aarrghh

This is a picture of my youngest daughter having a tantrum in the shops this morning. Really sums up what I am feeling like doing at this moment.
All this sunshine and only half a days work all week!

So frustrating!! We've been understanding and patient and all the rest...
Right now though, just really peed off that they have wasted a week of nothing on site and next week is forecasted to rain Monday, Tues, Wed so that probably means not much next week either.

The bi fold doors were delivered almost two weeks ago and they are still waiting to be installed. Surely you don't need a dry day to do this. If so why is our site so quiet with no one on site again.

Apologies about the rant everyone... We were supposed to have the eaves in last week and so far this week nada. Just the front portico rendering on Monday, which was all done by lunchtime.

On a funnier note, they've moved on from red bull and moved onto 'Congee'??? Anyone know what this is? Is this a new hip tradie drink?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Render unto Caesar

Well peeps, after another week of virtually nada, the rendering was applied to our portico today. This needed two fully dry days prior before it could proceed. Quite happy with the workmanship, actually seems to make the front entrance look larger.

The rear outdoor room posts were also supposed to be rendered at the same time, but looks like that didn't happen today. Maybe they ran out of Red Bull and ciggies. Ah, there's always tomorrow. :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Finally something to update..

Its been a while since we've had something to update due to this constant rain.

Our roof finally went on on Friday. They did the entire house in a day apart from the garage. Our garage is not part of the main roof line, so they have to wait till the scaffold goes down to do the roof on the garage.

We were away last week, in beautiful Palm Cove, total bliss! The house was still in our thoughts, but the choice of cocktails was more important to us during that time, he he.
Now that we are back we are on the case and chasing up our SS on updates.

He's frustrated just as we are that not much can be done, with this horrible weather.
We just need two days of sun so that the bricks can be dry enough for them to render the portico and the outdoor room posts. Come on mother nature, do your thing!

After which the cladding can be installed and eaves linings completed and scaffolding dismantled and then onto the garage roof tiling. This all needs to happen after the rendering to avoid making a mess on the other surfaces.

Whilst I was there this morning the bi fold doors were delivered. We were originally told that this would not be delivered till later on.
SS mentioned that bi fold doors would be installed tomorrow and that front door would not be installed till after the Christmas break.

Does this mean that we are almost at lock up stage? Or not till after Christmas because of the lack of a front door?
Anyone else in this situation?

Here are some more pics...

Street view of the house with a roof :)

A close up, very happy with the gun metal colour

Beautiful bi fold doors, which will be stained in dark oak

Family pic in Palm Cove

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Roof Tiles Delivered

Just a quick update, that the roof tiles arrived yesterday. We were hoping for this delivery at the start of the week and to see the roof tiles on the house. This horrible and unseasonal weather just keeps coming and getting in the way of any real progress on the house. Hoping and crossing all fingers for some sunny weather for next week.

How long does it take for them to install the roof tiles?
What happens next?
We need some information and some updates from our SS.

In the meantime here are some pics of the Bristle Gunmetal classic profile roof tiles.

Gunmetal colour
Nice Flat profile

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Squeeky Clean

Popped over to the house this evening after work (isn't daylight savings great!) and we were pleased to see that the high-pressure brick/window clean had been completed. The Whitsunday Brampton's have come up really well with the subtle differences in tone distributed quite evenly across most of the walls as you can see in this pic: