Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday update- Eaves are on

After my little rant yesterday our SS assured me that the eaves would be installed today as well as the bi-fold doors.

Eaves were supposed to be installed and painting completed by today. After the no-show yesterday, we are behind, and our SS needs to inspect the eaves linings before he can order the painter to paint the eaves.

As I see it, they were almost done this morning at 10am and if our SS was onsite, then he could have inspected it and had the painter start on the job today. Sigh.

Can't complain though as the render was done to portico and eaves lining installed, better than no work, as has been the case in the last couple of weeks.

We are happy with the way the eaves brings out the dune colour of the gutters and fascia.

Once the painting of the eaves is completed then the scaffold will be taken down and we will get a better look of how the house is taking shape.

Hope everyone's build is progressing too :)


  1. I hear you...when the sun shines, you want action! Not as much work as I was expecting on our block either so those rain clounds can bugger off next week!

  2. Glad to see something happening for you guys!

    Lets all hope the forecast rain does indeed bugger off - we have painting to be done too :)

  3. Ditto, so over the rain. Just get us to lock up and then it can rain rain rain and we won't care.

  4. Sandrine. Do you know Natacha Kishtoo? She was assigned as my original CSC, but then something happened and then I got a new one.

  5. hey guys, what's happening on your block? You haven't posted in awhile? Hope all is tracking well :)

  6. Hi Rachael,

    Thanks for checking up on us. :) Yes, much like yourselves and many other fellow build compadres, we been totally at the mercy of the elements over the last few weeks, with only meagre progress even during days of consecutive sunshine.

    Apart from painting of the eaves and removal of scaffolding, there's been nothing else remarkable happen on site since this post over two weeks ago. With a bit of luck there'll be some activity this week before the BIG SHUTDOWN.

    Glad you've had some positives in recent days, hope they flow through all of this week as well.