Wednesday, April 20, 2011

PC Aye Aye

Hi All,

Just a quick update on developments over the last week.

Last Friday morning Tyrrells performed a final inspection report on our house, which arrived by email on Saturday morning. In all there were 40 external observations and just over 100 internal observations! Thankfully, the majority of these were superficial - pertaining to painting and plastering quality issues, scuff marks, and miscellaneous fixups. Others, like "missing sink to main bathroom" and "ensuite shower wall ungrouted" we had not expected this late in the piece, particularly with PCI scheduled for Monday.

The PCI walkthrough with our SS went for over two hours, not surprisingly with so many items on the inspection report to review. Some of the more obvious items, including the two above, had been resolved by the time we arrived, which was a good sign. We also found plenty more examples of paint quality issues that neither Tyrrells nor the SS had noticed. You may recall that the sole painter assigned to our job took 6+ weeks - allegedly for a superior result - though even consistently clean lines between wall and ceiling were hard to come by. Some items our SS did not agree to, like conspicuous chipping on many of the Brampton bricks in visible areas (e.g. near front and rear entrances) - that were apparently within the "acceptable threshold" for this type of brick (future buildees take note!)

The good news was that we received assurances that the rectifications would continue over the coming days and that the council inspection would be booked. If that happens as planned, then next week should see bank inspection and final internal and external cleans. Fingers crossed for a handover in the next fortnight!

Wishing you all a very relaxing and safe Easter! :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Home Stretch

Hello buildees,

Since this post a week ago, there have been some positive developments, with most of the outstanding items completed, and the rest hopefully sorted over the next few days. On top of that, we have been verbally advised of a PCI date of next Monday 18th of April!

We're being cautious about getting our hopes too high about, well, anything really, until the PCI actually happens and we know the outcome, plus that of the council inspection and the private inspection we're organising. Nevertheless, it's nice to finally feel closer to the home stretch.

Here're some recent pics following the internal and external cleans.

Hope you are all getting some joy on your builds.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Caoba Caoba ooooh

Well after another frustrating week of ???? and broken promises we saw yesterday that our garage door was installed. Finally after weeks of waiting for someone to come to site and measure the door space (is this not on our plans)?? then waiting for someone to come back to check the measurements, don't get me wrong, I'm all for attention to detail, but this seems odd, you would assume that the door space could not be much different to plans, after all this is the Metricon policy that any changes CANNOT be made after signing off on the drawings and colour selections as everything is already ordered, so why did they only order the door a few weeks ago...

The garage door is finally on and it looks fabulous!!
Loving the colour of the Caoba door.

Have a look and see...

A close up against the Brampton bricks
Front look of the house with the fence down, can't wait for that port a loo to go

A side view from the driveway

Watch this space for some more pics over the weekend. Apparently the yard clean has happened today. Yipee for a week of some progress.
Now for a PCI date please!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Promises, promises

Hello buildees,

Same as all of you who are at these final stages, we're getting served numerous promises - virtually none of them delivered - and a whole lot of nada happening on site.

After an uneventful week last week, at the start of this week we were assured that the following would take place:

  • Door handles installed
  • Garage door installed (has been promised for a couple of weeks now)
  • Safety fences down
  • Site clean
  • Perimeter pest control installed
  • Interior builder's clean
  • Aluminium angle brackets installed above window reveals to cover gaps
  • Render patched and painted - front portico and rear outdoor room posts
  • Cupboard shelving and doors installed
  • Shower screens and mirrors installed
  • Downpipe connections

As of this morning, only the first item on the list has been done.

Our SS remains evasive on a PCI date. Apparently one of the major hold-ups is that the showers screen / mirror / cupboard shelving company (beginning with "St") is inundated with work due to the flurry of houses being completed as a result of the <$600k stamp duty exemption which came in on July 1 last year. Did these companies, especially the builders - not see this coming? Given that we have been unconditionally locked-in to our cupboard/shower screen choices for more than 9 months, why were these orders not scheduled for delivery earlier to compensate for the slow lead times?

How are you all going with your promises?