Friday, April 8, 2011

Caoba Caoba ooooh

Well after another frustrating week of ???? and broken promises we saw yesterday that our garage door was installed. Finally after weeks of waiting for someone to come to site and measure the door space (is this not on our plans)?? then waiting for someone to come back to check the measurements, don't get me wrong, I'm all for attention to detail, but this seems odd, you would assume that the door space could not be much different to plans, after all this is the Metricon policy that any changes CANNOT be made after signing off on the drawings and colour selections as everything is already ordered, so why did they only order the door a few weeks ago...

The garage door is finally on and it looks fabulous!!
Loving the colour of the Caoba door.

Have a look and see...

A close up against the Brampton bricks
Front look of the house with the fence down, can't wait for that port a loo to go

A side view from the driveway

Watch this space for some more pics over the weekend. Apparently the yard clean has happened today. Yipee for a week of some progress.
Now for a PCI date please!!!


  1. Nice!!

    Glad to see some action over there :) Send them our way now will you?? LOL

    Love the door!

  2. congrats guys!! the loo is gone and your site was cleaned beautifully yesterday!! on a positive note they did a very good job cleaning your site, from morning till arvo!! :))

  3. Forget colorbond moments...that beauty is worth a caoba moment of it's own. But for those of us reading along at home, how the heck do you pronounce it???

  4. Reinsey - I have no idea the correct pronunciation - but ours will be the same so maybe I should learn? :P:

    Its nice having 'spies' in the area!

  5. love, love love! House is looking fantastic!

  6. Garage looks FABULOUS!! Yaaay cos ours is the same colour :))

  7. It's looking beautiful! It's going to be gorgeous! Enjoy the wonderful day, Kellie xx

  8. Found your blog when searching for people who have used this brick. What do you know, you are using same tile we have chosen. Have one question, have read concerns about the coating on the Whitsunday chipping and showing through the orange brick colour. Have you had any issues with your bricks doing this?

  9. @lloydandsarah,

    Although they look great overall, our experience with the Whitsunday bricks has not been ideal due to the chipping. We researched about this in advance as well and drove through new estates looking at examples before taking the plunge.

    Compared to other houses with the Whitsunday Brampton's, even in the same area by the same builder and SS, we have had a good deal more chipping and discolouration overall.

    Whether this was a bad batch, poor handling or poor brickie workmanship we'll never know for sure. We raised it with our SS on a few occasions and he agreed to replace only the ones that had chipping "above the acceptable tolerance" for a surface coated brick!

    This review and replacement has now been done as mentioned in my other post but there are many that in our opinion are still way below par especially when in obvious places such as door and window surrounds. Our SS has refused to change these.

    It's also seems inappropriate that Metricon being a premier builder offer these bricks in their standard selection range, knowing their issues, and without advising about their "acceptable tolerance" policy!

    We have considered escalating it further, but at this late stage in the game for us, there is every chance the brickies would make even more of a mess attempting to extract and replace the bricks in the surrounds.

    We still have a final brick clean to be performed in the next few days which hopefully will even-up some of the remaining discolouration. We'll post the outcome and some final pics then.