Tuesday, August 31, 2010

And the fun starts!

Thanks to our neighbour..thank you Olga :) we found out that there were some tradies on our block on Monday.

No need to tell you how quickly the husband went there to see what they had done that day so off he went at 9:30pm...me (wife) had to stay behind as the girls were in bed, would not be good parents to leave the girls behind to look at block in the middle of the night, so waited to hear all about it.

Craig reported back that they had scraped/excavated the block. Woohoo finally some work...

Never been so happy to see so many tradies

Had to see for myself what work was done yesterday...so went to the block to check it all out.
Was such a nice surprise when I got there to see to see so many tradies on our site.

They must have been there from very early this morning, because at 10:30am the the wooden suround for the shape of the house had been completed, the steel and the waffle pods were delivered.

This is too exciting, if this is what is to come we are going to have a smile from ear to ear over the next few months

We came back later in the evening with our eldest daughter and left our little one with my mum and went to inspect what they had done for the day.

Result: Waffle pods, plumbing and steel all done, very very good. Does this mean that we might have a slab by the end of this week? Hoping for the best as the rest of the week brings rain. Cross fingers....

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Site Start

At last! Our Metricon CSR informed us this afternoon that our file has finally been released to construction and we can expect the slab to be down within 20 working days.

In the meantime, the scrape/excavation/fill, peg-out, plumbing etc. can now begin. We'll also be expecting an introduction from our SS.

The last month has mostly been a three way tango between the bank, builder and ourselves to get all the paperwork finalised and signed off.

Six months after the first sales appointment and deposit, it's fair to say that the excitement is now starting to build up. :)