Tuesday, August 31, 2010

And the fun starts!

Thanks to our neighbour..thank you Olga :) we found out that there were some tradies on our block on Monday.

No need to tell you how quickly the husband went there to see what they had done that day so off he went at 9:30pm...me (wife) had to stay behind as the girls were in bed, would not be good parents to leave the girls behind to look at block in the middle of the night, so waited to hear all about it.

Craig reported back that they had scraped/excavated the block. Woohoo finally some work...


  1. Wow! Some progress! You must be so excited! Its a bit unbelievable how many people they have working at once, they don't muck around, do they!

    We're hoping to see some progress soon too!

    Wishing there were some houses finished where we were building so we had a spy on the ground to keep us updated!

  2. Yes it is amazing how many people they have working at once, seems like everyone had a job to do. The fencing went up yesterday too.

    Will try and get some pics tonight.

    Hoping you get some progress too this week or next week.

    Where abouts are you building? Is it a new estate? NSW or QLD.

    Not sure if Craig answered you before, but the display we saw in QLD was in Ormeau.

    Loved the flooring there!! Really want floating floorboards, need to consider how it will cope with the kids toys though. As it would be a shame to pay so much and it to be scratched in a few weeks with a high chair or something.

    He he yes we are lucky to have met our neighbours who are very nice. Who are giving us us updates if we are not able to go to the site, what a bonus!

  3. We're building on the South Coast of New South Wales, in Shellharbour.

    I called about the flooring, but they couldn't tell me what it was! We'll do some more research before we pick something though, plenty of time! We're going to have timber down stairs and carpet upstairs - we have timber where we are now, and we love it - we don't have babies yet, but we have nieces and nephews and it has seen pets... it has coped ok - its not perfect anymore, but that was always going to be the case!

    After posting my comment before, our site supervisor called to introduce himself, and he says we'll be excavated by the end of the week and have a slab next week - so thats good enough for me!

    We are living about an hour away from where we're building, but my family are all down there, as thats where I'm originally from - so they'll make the trek down to check it out for me once there is something to see, I'm sure. I think its only really us that got any enjoyment out of staring at a blank block of land!!

    We'll be going home on the weekend, so hopefully we'll have some pics of progress then too. :)

  4. That's fantastic news Lauren. Funny how some concrete can be so exciting and such a milestone.

    We went to see some display homes in Shellharbour. Nice that you are moving closer to where you grew up.

    Maybe Dieu from Studio M in Sydney can help you find out about the flooring in the display that you saw?

    Keep us posted about how your slab goes next week..hope the rain holds out :)