Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lets Blog about our Bog

Hello buildees,

It's been a few weeks since we last had cause to report any progress, and thanks for your interest Rachael and Shayne.

At the start of the week, Sandrine lost her rag with Metricon over the absurd resourcing (1 painter for 6+ weeks), mediocre progress over the last month, promised milestones missed and no communication. (Funny, that sounds much like the experience most of you are also having with your builds!) After many attempts to reach our SS and not hearing back, Sandrine contacted our CSR to voice our concerns and try and get the matter escalated. The responses to this included statements such as "...this is Metricon's policy...", "...resources are allocated on a case-by-case basis..." and "...we at the office have no idea as to where your build is up to" (are you serious?). Hence losing the proverbial rag.

Within 24 hours we were contacted by the construction manager who manages the site supervisors. Although his tone wasn't entirely sympathetic, we did see a marathon effort this week compared to that of the last few months. Way to go, wife!

So, summary of progress this week:

  • Painting completed
  • Tiling completed (some coloured grouting remains)
  • Plumbing - toilets, baths, taps  - installed and connected
  • Electrical - downlights, power points, air-con ducts
  • Downpipes installed
Here are the pics. Wishing everyone a good week!

Stained stair rails and front pivot door

Downlights and the stained bifolds

Downlights and batons over island bench for post-handover pendants

Kitchen bulkhead downlights

Kitchen mixer

Ensuite feature tiles complete. Waiting on grouting and shower head.

Ensuite bathtub

The girls test-drive their bathtub

Whoops #1 - Stair light misfire

Whoops #2 - Another stair light misfire

Whoops #3 - Gas main takes a bow(!!)

Network ports and FTA socket for family room
( The only reason this picture got through is because The Mrs is not authoring this post ;)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday update- Tiling progress

We went for an early tiling stalking session..arrived there just after 7am and our painter had already been working for some time. He was sanding the stairs getting the wood ready for staining.

He believes that there are about two more weeks left of painting work to be done. Two weeks, soo ssllllowwww.
We called our SS to get an update for what was scheduled for next week.
Tilers are now due to finish on Saturday. Shower niche left to be tiled and a little around the window of the kitchen and then grouting in all areas. Raises the question, if so little is left till its finished makes you wonder why they didn't just finish it yesterday or return today to complete..tomorrow it is..

After tiling are done then shower screens will be ordered.
Chris our painter will be around for the next couple of weeks completing all the paint work.
Which reminds me that I called the office today to question the lack of resources at call back as yet.
Then fitters, electricians and plumbers, wait, correction it will be one electrician and one plumber with one tool that they have to share. Will be on site after painting.
Also at that time the painting of the render will be done.

Here are some pics from today, really really happy with our colours!

Now what kind of pendants to order for the kitchen..time for shopping:)

Main bathroom feature wall
Ensuite feature shower wall
With niche waiting to be tiled
Powder room tiling
Close up of mosaic tiles
Our kitchen window, some tiling left to be done tomorrow
My kitchen, love love it
Love how the colours work together

Have a nice weekend everyone...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stop, start, stop start tiling

After the poor effort of the tilers last week. We called our SS and we were told that the tiling would be finished by this Thursday...a little hard to believe after that 'one' tile effort on Saturday.... I went to do some tiler stalking today to see how the progress was going...

I was greeted by our painter who was not impressed as the tilers were a no show again today.

Initially the tiling was supposed to be finished last week, and they apparently haven't showed up since Monday.
The painter has to work around them, doing bits of painting and staining of our front door and bi fold doors. When the tilers come back he goes away and comes back again as they cannot work in unison because of the dust issue.
This stop start is such a waste of time and is driving me bonkers!!!
Word is that if the tilers are offered cash in hand for a job, they will not show up for a builders job and go for the $$.

So far they have tiled the powder room floor tiles- no feature mosaic around the mirror as yet and no grouting of the floor tiles.
  • Tiling of the laundry is nada, no wall or floor tiling.
  • Ensuite wall and floor tiling is done - no feature tiling of the shower wall and no grouting.
  • Main bathroom floor tiling done, bath hob done, no grouting and no feature mosaic tiling on the shower wall.
  • No tiling done in the kitchen
We were told by our SS that there is not much we can do about it...we are feeling a little deflated and the excitement of moving into our house is being over shadowed by the lack of communication and the lack of wanting our house to be completed asap. At least that's how we feel.

Its been 14 months since we started this process and we desperately want to be in our new home!!!!

For anyone about to sign up with Metricon and have one of the consultants pushing you to sign up with the latest promotion before the promotion ends..and promise you to be in your new house in 7 months takes Metricon 7 months just to get the contract and the final drawings ready, then its another 7 to 8 months for construction, then factor in the rain and other things they throw into the bag...Sorry for the rant. But all you fellow buildees understand...

Here are a few pics from today..

Powder room floor tiling

Main bathroom tiling, but no feature wall tiling yet...

Main bathroom bath hob
Ensuite wall and floor tiling
Ensuite bath hob
Feature wall tiling not yet done...
Close up of ensuite wall tile.