Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday update- Tiling progress

We went for an early tiling stalking session..arrived there just after 7am and our painter had already been working for some time. He was sanding the stairs getting the wood ready for staining.

He believes that there are about two more weeks left of painting work to be done. Two weeks, soo ssllllowwww.
We called our SS to get an update for what was scheduled for next week.
Tilers are now due to finish on Saturday. Shower niche left to be tiled and a little around the window of the kitchen and then grouting in all areas. Raises the question, if so little is left till its finished makes you wonder why they didn't just finish it yesterday or return today to complete..tomorrow it is..

After tiling are done then shower screens will be ordered.
Chris our painter will be around for the next couple of weeks completing all the paint work.
Which reminds me that I called the office today to question the lack of resources at call back as yet.
Then fitters, electricians and plumbers, wait, correction it will be one electrician and one plumber with one tool that they have to share. Will be on site after painting.
Also at that time the painting of the render will be done.

Here are some pics from today, really really happy with our colours!

Now what kind of pendants to order for the kitchen..time for shopping:)

Main bathroom feature wall
Ensuite feature shower wall
With niche waiting to be tiled
Powder room tiling
Close up of mosaic tiles
Our kitchen window, some tiling left to be done tomorrow
My kitchen, love love it
Love how the colours work together

Have a nice weekend everyone...


  1. Absolutely love all the colours and the feature tiles, especially the stunning ones in the ensuite, gobsmacked me!!

  2. Love love love!!

    Looking FAB!

    LMAO at the one electrician and one plumber sharing tools - ROFL. Seems true by the pace things are moving at though!

    Your painter seems to be ahead of ours - I hope its not the same one! ha!

  3. oooooohh I likey, those mosaics are gorgeous!

  4. Thank you thank you ladies:) Like you all I can't wait to be in an enjoy all the spaces in the house.
    @ Shayne if he's pommie then it might be the same one ha ha.

  5. LOVE that feature wall and your kitchen is just stunning!!!
    Lucky girl :)

  6. I'm with Rachael - dying to know what happening over there..

    Not the same painter as it turns out - we have an actual team of them. Nearly died when I saw them all there..

    Hope all is moving along for you guys ;)