Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stop, start, stop start tiling

After the poor effort of the tilers last week. We called our SS and we were told that the tiling would be finished by this Thursday...a little hard to believe after that 'one' tile effort on Saturday.... I went to do some tiler stalking today to see how the progress was going...

I was greeted by our painter who was not impressed as the tilers were a no show again today.

Initially the tiling was supposed to be finished last week, and they apparently haven't showed up since Monday.
The painter has to work around them, doing bits of painting and staining of our front door and bi fold doors. When the tilers come back he goes away and comes back again as they cannot work in unison because of the dust issue.
This stop start is such a waste of time and is driving me bonkers!!!
Word is that if the tilers are offered cash in hand for a job, they will not show up for a builders job and go for the $$.

So far they have tiled the powder room floor tiles- no feature mosaic around the mirror as yet and no grouting of the floor tiles.
  • Tiling of the laundry is nada, no wall or floor tiling.
  • Ensuite wall and floor tiling is done - no feature tiling of the shower wall and no grouting.
  • Main bathroom floor tiling done, bath hob done, no grouting and no feature mosaic tiling on the shower wall.
  • No tiling done in the kitchen
We were told by our SS that there is not much we can do about it...we are feeling a little deflated and the excitement of moving into our house is being over shadowed by the lack of communication and the lack of wanting our house to be completed asap. At least that's how we feel.

Its been 14 months since we started this process and we desperately want to be in our new home!!!!

For anyone about to sign up with Metricon and have one of the consultants pushing you to sign up with the latest promotion before the promotion ends..and promise you to be in your new house in 7 months takes Metricon 7 months just to get the contract and the final drawings ready, then its another 7 to 8 months for construction, then factor in the rain and other things they throw into the bag...Sorry for the rant. But all you fellow buildees understand...

Here are a few pics from today..

Powder room floor tiling

Main bathroom tiling, but no feature wall tiling yet...

Main bathroom bath hob
Ensuite wall and floor tiling
Ensuite bath hob
Feature wall tiling not yet done...
Close up of ensuite wall tile.


  1. Couldnt have said it better!

    Our tilers are supposed to finish this week but I was told that about 3 weeks ago and I am now used to not getting my hopes up..

    They had to wait for the carpenter to finish, then the painter came, then yesterday gyprocking was going on so no idea if they are there today.

    We are still waiting for lots of tiling - no room is complete yet..

    Agree too with the timeline crap Metricon tries to pull - we are at 16 months and counting :( Our sales consultant told us we would be in by Xmas - LMAO..

    Lets hope they pull their fingers out and get our places over the line ASAP!!

  2. omg stupid tilers!! What wrong with people these days? Dont they know how to complete a job before jumping on to the next one? So silly!!

    My dad is a tiler and never goes to another job until he finishes the one he is doing!

    Hope they finish soon!!

  3. Your Home will be beautiful - remember that!
    But not good enough by Metricon.

  4. Same story for everyone like you say! We signed end of july and are impatiently awaiting site start...maybe tomorrow...

  5. Doesn't look like Metricon in Melbourne are taking care of their customers as well as in QLD or NSW.

  6. I'd be pretty damn annoyed too :( It's not right for the tilers to do that surely...and certainly not good for your SS to say nothing can be done? He should be pushing the tilers to get your job finished asap as the longer they take, the more he'll have to push back everything else.

    Hope they get their act together and finish it quickly for you. Same for you Shayne! xx

    I really love the main tile, it's very soft. What colour is it?

    For interest sake, we paid our initial deposit back in November 09 so it's about 16 months for us with Wisdom. Or 12 months if we count from when we accepted the tender...we were also promised a Christmas completion...baaaahh!

  7. I can see your point Sandrine, but it is looking great!

    Gees, i'd love even one tile at the moment. It really is hard for me to believe we started at the same time - we are stuck and havent even locked up yet... its a nightmare at the moment...

  8. Lauren I really feel for you guys - it must be awful to see how far our places have come in comparison :(

    Jay Sandrine and I are in NSW ;)

    Rachael we are on the same timeline as you - feels like FOREVER!!

    Dying to know if your tilers finished Sandrine? As far as I know ours havent been back - 4 weeks now since they started - but "apparently" they will finish tomorrow or says our SS..

  9. Hi we are building with Metricon and have had huge delays. I have a suspicion that items might have been deliberately misdescribed so that Metricon can charge a massive variation fee to "fix" the problem.
    Has anyone else experienced anything similar.