Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lets Blog about our Bog

Hello buildees,

It's been a few weeks since we last had cause to report any progress, and thanks for your interest Rachael and Shayne.

At the start of the week, Sandrine lost her rag with Metricon over the absurd resourcing (1 painter for 6+ weeks), mediocre progress over the last month, promised milestones missed and no communication. (Funny, that sounds much like the experience most of you are also having with your builds!) After many attempts to reach our SS and not hearing back, Sandrine contacted our CSR to voice our concerns and try and get the matter escalated. The responses to this included statements such as "...this is Metricon's policy...", "...resources are allocated on a case-by-case basis..." and "...we at the office have no idea as to where your build is up to" (are you serious?). Hence losing the proverbial rag.

Within 24 hours we were contacted by the construction manager who manages the site supervisors. Although his tone wasn't entirely sympathetic, we did see a marathon effort this week compared to that of the last few months. Way to go, wife!

So, summary of progress this week:

  • Painting completed
  • Tiling completed (some coloured grouting remains)
  • Plumbing - toilets, baths, taps  - installed and connected
  • Electrical - downlights, power points, air-con ducts
  • Downpipes installed
Here are the pics. Wishing everyone a good week!

Stained stair rails and front pivot door

Downlights and the stained bifolds

Downlights and batons over island bench for post-handover pendants

Kitchen bulkhead downlights

Kitchen mixer

Ensuite feature tiles complete. Waiting on grouting and shower head.

Ensuite bathtub

The girls test-drive their bathtub

Whoops #1 - Stair light misfire

Whoops #2 - Another stair light misfire

Whoops #3 - Gas main takes a bow(!!)

Network ports and FTA socket for family room
( The only reason this picture got through is because The Mrs is not authoring this post ;)


  1. Maybe I need to lose my rag????? Your house is looking absolutely beautiful, you're getting closer!

  2. Good on you Sandrine - I am THIS close to losing mine with them too..despite things definitely happening at our place the pace has been nowhere near as fast as it could or SHOULD have been since Xmas.
    The only reason I haven't lost it is we keep getting told "everything is booked in right up to completion". Problem with that is it doesn't mean its actually going to happen when its booked in!! As we ALL know by now ;)

    Things are really starting to look close to finished for you - hope you get a PCI date soon!

  3. PS - What colour stain did you guys choose? It looks gorgeous ;)

  4. Sandrine, a little RANT goes a long way and oh feels so much better.
    Cute girls, all looking beautiful. Have I told you how much I love the feature tiles in the ensuite shower...colours are stunning.

  5. Give 'em hell ladies! If M3tric0n NSW was run by a political party we would have voted them out by now due to their questionable policies.

  6. We certainly haven't and definately won't be reccomending Metricon NSW to anyone unless some major miracle happens...

  7. Lauren, you and Richard have shown such amazing patience but am sure on the inside you must be seething with rage. It's just not on! Really hope there's a positive result for you guys when your inspector comes back and that Metricon have finally pulled their finger out.

  8. Thank u ladies :) Apart from all the building stress, our eldest daughter was sick with Pheunomia hence the lack of posts from me. She's all better now and back to being cheeky and chatty. Just gave us a scare.

    @ Lauren, yes you definitely have every right to lose your rag! Go for it if you don't see any real action this week. I'm available for 'rag coaching' if anyone needs it he he

    @ Shayne thank you. Stain colour is dark oak. Not sure that I am totally in love with it as it does look a bit red sometimes. As there are only 3 stains that you can choose, at the time I thought that was the best.
    We are having dark wooden flooring so that or the charcoal were the only choices for us. We were told by the painter not to choose charcoal as that colour can look patchy on the maple wood.

    @ Debra, thank you. Love the feature tiles too. It was a risky choice, but I'm happy with the outcome. Good luck with your handover this my handover dreams through you :)

    @ Hubby, good post but too much electrical crap being blogged about he he

  9. Just caught up on your post - where have you been hiding your resident comedian Sandrine?? HILARIOUS!

  10. Really glad to hear she's better now, must have been a scary few weeks. I had pnemonia when I was about 14....nasty stuff.

    I love the pic of the girls in the bath, very cute!

    Well done on getting the boot up Metricon, hope this progress continues!

    What on earth happened to the gas main? Whoops!

  11. Sandrine, I only live two streets away from your new house, drove past on my way to work this morning and noticed the guy removing the fences. Must be one step closer to handover.