Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Home Stretch

Hello buildees,

Since this post a week ago, there have been some positive developments, with most of the outstanding items completed, and the rest hopefully sorted over the next few days. On top of that, we have been verbally advised of a PCI date of next Monday 18th of April!

We're being cautious about getting our hopes too high about, well, anything really, until the PCI actually happens and we know the outcome, plus that of the council inspection and the private inspection we're organising. Nevertheless, it's nice to finally feel closer to the home stretch.

Here're some recent pics following the internal and external cleans.

Hope you are all getting some joy on your builds.


  1. WOW!!!
    I can't believe the difference in just one week. Is there anything left to be done other than appliances??

  2. Brilliant news, you're on the home stretch now!

  3. Hi Reinsey,

    Today apparently the shower screens and cupboard fitouts are happening. This is important because the certificate for the shower screens (since they are safety glass) is the last one remaining before the application can be made to council to inspect and issue interim occupancy.

    There's still a few things dangling such as painting touchups (after the cupboard fitouts), brick replacements (tomorrow) and final brick clean (next week).

    Our front pivot door has a major defect in it and a replacement was ordered a couple of weeks ago but it may not get replaced until after handover.

    So all of the above seems in hand (assuming it takes place as promised). The big unknown is what comes out at PCI and from our private inspection report next week.

  4. Fantastic news :)

    Looking pretty good now - hope all goes well on Monday! I better get cracking finding an inspector too I think!

  5. How good is that huge entrance way?? I love the open feel of the front of our houses :)

    Its looking great!! I'm glad you're getting an inspector to go over it - if it does nothing but give you peace of mind, its worth the $400 odd.

    Good luck, and keep us posted!!

  6. Almost there...good luck for PCI Monday. Looking great - busy packing over Easter?

  7. Thank you ladies:)
    Definitely the home stretch now and its exciting again.
    @Lauren, yes the entrance to our houses has the definite wow factor. Its almost a room in itself.It feels quite grand when you enter the front door and feel all the space.
    So glad that things are moving along for you again.
    @ Debra thank you we are a bit anxious about Monday..cross fingers its all good and nothing much to rectify.

  8. Congrats, looks great! I have linked to your blog on mine. Would you mind doing the same? Thanks, Chris and Sue