Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sunshine and no work, aarrghh

This is a picture of my youngest daughter having a tantrum in the shops this morning. Really sums up what I am feeling like doing at this moment.
All this sunshine and only half a days work all week!

So frustrating!! We've been understanding and patient and all the rest...
Right now though, just really peed off that they have wasted a week of nothing on site and next week is forecasted to rain Monday, Tues, Wed so that probably means not much next week either.

The bi fold doors were delivered almost two weeks ago and they are still waiting to be installed. Surely you don't need a dry day to do this. If so why is our site so quiet with no one on site again.

Apologies about the rant everyone... We were supposed to have the eaves in last week and so far this week nada. Just the front portico rendering on Monday, which was all done by lunchtime.

On a funnier note, they've moved on from red bull and moved onto 'Congee'??? Anyone know what this is? Is this a new hip tradie drink?


  1. I love that you took a photo of the tantrum, thats awesome!!!

    If it makes you feel any better, our site start was similar to yours and our bricking has just been finished - and they're finishing off the roof frames on our portico - we don't have guttering yet, and certainly no roof, or even roof tiles delivered!! So, we feel your frustration...

    Here's for hoping we both reach lockup before Christmas. :)

  2. Come to Queensland, already 100+ days on site and almost done.

  3. Oh I feel your pain :(

    I cant complain this week (for a change!) but i totally understand how you feel.

    Vi-jay - double storey homes have double the contract time that single storeys have!! (well, they do here in NSW anyway). So your house should be much further ahead at 100 days than our are ! :) Although I have noticed single storeys up there seem to be lightening fast.

    I recognise that food court Sandrine :)

    Oh, and congee is an Asian thing (Jason is Chinese) - not my cup of tea though!

    I hope you see some action soon..

  4. Yes.. the single story houses seem to go up very quick!

  5. There's this 2 Storey Adenbrook home that started a week before me and handover is this week. I couldn't believe how fast they were working on that place.