Monday, November 22, 2010

Render unto Caesar

Well peeps, after another week of virtually nada, the rendering was applied to our portico today. This needed two fully dry days prior before it could proceed. Quite happy with the workmanship, actually seems to make the front entrance look larger.

The rear outdoor room posts were also supposed to be rendered at the same time, but looks like that didn't happen today. Maybe they ran out of Red Bull and ciggies. Ah, there's always tomorrow. :)


  1. bwahaha - ran out of Red Bull and ciggies!! I almost spat my drink when I read that ;)

    Good to see something happening for you guys!

    We are having our portico rendered too - we were doing it after handover and mentioned it to our amazing bricklayer and he has organised for it to be done for us in the next week or so - looking forward to it.

  2. LOL love the Red Bull and ciggies comment! Great to see some action on your block, hopefully things kick along this week with this great weather!