Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Finally something to update..

Its been a while since we've had something to update due to this constant rain.

Our roof finally went on on Friday. They did the entire house in a day apart from the garage. Our garage is not part of the main roof line, so they have to wait till the scaffold goes down to do the roof on the garage.

We were away last week, in beautiful Palm Cove, total bliss! The house was still in our thoughts, but the choice of cocktails was more important to us during that time, he he.
Now that we are back we are on the case and chasing up our SS on updates.

He's frustrated just as we are that not much can be done, with this horrible weather.
We just need two days of sun so that the bricks can be dry enough for them to render the portico and the outdoor room posts. Come on mother nature, do your thing!

After which the cladding can be installed and eaves linings completed and scaffolding dismantled and then onto the garage roof tiling. This all needs to happen after the rendering to avoid making a mess on the other surfaces.

Whilst I was there this morning the bi fold doors were delivered. We were originally told that this would not be delivered till later on.
SS mentioned that bi fold doors would be installed tomorrow and that front door would not be installed till after the Christmas break.

Does this mean that we are almost at lock up stage? Or not till after Christmas because of the lack of a front door?
Anyone else in this situation?

Here are some more pics...

Street view of the house with a roof :)

A close up, very happy with the gun metal colour

Beautiful bi fold doors, which will be stained in dark oak

Family pic in Palm Cove


  1. Urgh, isnt this weather irritating?!

    The house is looking great! Its frustrating being so close to not having to worry about rain yet so far isnt it??

    We have eaves,cladding and brick cleaning booked in for this week but we will see - so far its been quiet on site as far as I know..

    Our bricklayer has organised for our portico to be rendered and that was also supposed to happen this week (he cleared it with our SS who is ok with it luckily, saves us getting it done later!) but apparently the renderer has had a few guys leave and he is busy so thats on the backburner for now.

    I have no idea when our front door will arrive - but our sliders arrived and have been taken back again as they were delivered too early!

    We are meeting our SS onsite Monday morning so I will have about a thousand questions for him them!

    We have gyprock scheduled for next week and possibly the staircase too :)

    Great family pic - very jealous of your holiday!!

  2. Hi Sandrine and Craig,

    Yes. we are almost at the same stage as yourselves. We have the plasterboard being installed the week. the roof is on and the carpenters will be in next week. I suspect they will be trying to have the doors installed before Christmas as they will want to reduce the likelihood of theft and damage onsite whilst they have there annual leave.

    You can view out site at

  3. So close....yet so far. I know the feeling! We're hoping to be at lock up before Wisdom break for Christmas. I think we all just need mother nature to co-operate for a week so we can get to that stage!

    Great family photo, you all look very relaxed! xx

  4. @ Shayne, yes the weather is soo irritating, then yesterday was a great day and no one on site.
    I do feel for everyone that can't work on these days though as no work means no pay.
    Thats great about getting your rendering on your portico. Is this something you arranged with the brickie?
    Thanks re pic. Was a belated anniversary trip away :)

    @ Robert-Metricon seem to do things in different stages in each state. Interesting that you had your front door first, then your bricking started. They seem to be going full speed with your house. You must be happy with the work so far?

    @ Rachael- yes you are right so close yet so far. Hoping for lock up by Christmas too. Is the stair installation something they do before lock up? I'd really like to see the upstairs part of the house, but am too chicken to go up the ladder, even with Craig's reassurance that 'you'll be right'. :)