Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Squeeky Clean

Popped over to the house this evening after work (isn't daylight savings great!) and we were pleased to see that the high-pressure brick/window clean had been completed. The Whitsunday Brampton's have come up really well with the subtle differences in tone distributed quite evenly across most of the walls as you can see in this pic:


  1. Wow, they look great!! So the bricking is finished obviously - is the top of your house clad in areas? Has that been installed yet? I am guessing your roof is on then if the bricks are clean?

    So many questions! haha

  2. Hi Shayne.

    Thanks. Yes bricking finished about 10 days ago and this is the first sign of activity we’ve seen since then, partly due to all the British weather we’ve all been agonizing over of late.

    The fascia and guttering has been delivered so hopefully that’s going on today during the welcomed sunshine. According to our SS, safety rails will then go up around the roof and then the tilers can start (tiles haven’t arrived yet though).

    I’m sure you’ll agree given the number of enquiries to SS’s about "what’s happening next and in what order please?", it would make sense if they supplied an approximate guideline for each customer listing the sequence of steps for their particular construction. I think everyone would appreciate that it’s subject to change but at least it gives you an overall roadmap to refer to.

    Or maybe that’s what Victorian customers already get with "MyMetricon"!?

    Yours is looking great too. Hope you see some progress too over the next couple of days. FYI, they also clean the "Goop" from the windows during the high pressure clean.


  3. Oh wow so it isnt just us that had a lull last week? For us though the delay wasn't the weather it was that quite a lot of our bricks weren't up to scratch so the brickies ordered more Friday week ago - they turned up on the Monday but the brickes weren't back until last Friday! I guess they had other jobs to attend to in the meantime but it felt like such a waste of a week!
    Better to have the bricks perfect though I guess in the grand scheme of things :)

    Interesting that they have cleaned your bricks already - ours haven't been done yet. Our scaffolding was raised for the gutters and apparently they are going on today and roof tiles are being delivered today too..
    If the rain holds off our SS said we will have a roof by weeks end.. No mention of what he has booked in next however - so I agree - a rough timeline would be a fantastic thing to have. As you say, we are all aware it is subject to change but even a schedule without timeframes would be helpful, just to know what is happening next.

    I think My Metricon is just that - but lots of people with Vic blogs say its pretty useless,haha!

  4. Looking good! I hear you both re: the lull over the past week, this weather is frustrating! Love the idea of a rough construction plan, then we wouldn't be constantly harrassing the SS's !! :)

  5. Thanks Rachael. Hope all is going well at yours and that you get a satisfactory resolution for your highlight window soon.

  6. And a quick update on the above. The fascia and guttering did actually get installed today. Rock and roll!

  7. Excellent - ours too! Jason has just sent me a photo of the roof tilers there working too which is fantastic - hope yours is underway also!

  8. Wow!! Metricon is pretty quick!!! Have you's thought about landscape yet? and our fence? hehehe.. i've been trying to organize quotes for the landscape hopefully getting a response tomorrow.....

  9. Hi Olga, hope you are feeling better, this mummy stuff is hard work:)
    Re the fencing, was going to get a quote from Steve Hood Fencing who does fencing in the Hills area. What are your thoughts?
    We had a guy that came to measure up for the retaining walls on both sides. Do you need to get retaining walls?