Monday, April 19, 2010

We Own Our Land!

Our land settled during mid April shortly after registration. We parked on our lot and took the girls out of the car and popped open a bottle of bubbly. We saw some other people on the estate wandering around, possibly also soaking up their new "rectangle of dirt".

I suppose these are the original "before" shots...


  1. hi sandrine and craig (micaela, and the little one).. it was nice meeting your family this morning...

    we're leaving behind good neighbours here at stanhope gardens but we're happy knowing that our new neighbours as are good.. :)

    olga, louie, and alana

  2. Hi Olga, Louie & Alana,

    Was great meeting you on Saturday!

    Its fantastic that the girls got along so well. Sure they will be playing together for many years to come.

    Looking forward to sharing the building journey with you.

    Sandrine, Craig, Mikaela & Braidie