Monday, July 12, 2010

Meet The Neighbours

By sheer luck of timing when we visited our block today, we were fortunate and delighted to meet our neighbours on both sides who happened to be visiting their blocks at the same time.

Olga, Louie and Alana to our left, and owner builder Andrew to our right - who was there with his family inspecting his site cut.

Everyone was lovely. Our daughter Mikaela and neighbour's daughter Alana started playing together immediately - was great to see.


  1. it was great to see in deed.. hopping, walking around while holding hands.. so cute.. :)

  2. Hey Guys, good taste in choosing a house :) We are also building the Newhaven, but haven't actually seen it, so your pics of the one in Brisbane were really helpful! Can you tell me whether it is the one at Caboolture or Heathwood? I'd like to call and enquire as to what type of wood they used for the floor - we're struggling to make a choice and quite like the look of that one!

    Good luck with your build, we'll be following your blog!!


    Lauren & Richard

  3. Ha ha, scrub that! I searched the rest of your blog and answered my own question - I rang, but they weren't able to tell me anyway! Thanks!