Sunday, September 12, 2010

Frames Delivered

Mr Postman look and see, are there some frames, some frames for me?...

Our frames arrived last Thursday, however we still had not received contact from our SS as yet, so we spoke with our CSR about this.

Seems that this was just an oversight as there were a few that started at the same time as us, so we slipped through the cracks....better not happen again or else :)

A few hours later we were contacted by our very nice SS who apologised for the above and gave an outline of what is coming up in the next few weeks.

Frames will start from this Wednesday, hopefully weather holds out.


  1. How funny is that Craig, you had all the action happening at your end, but no call - not much happening at our end, and we did get a call!! Looking forward to seeing pics of your frame up, lets cross our fingers for not too much rain this week, you for your frames, and us for our slab! :)

  2. Thats a shame you hadn't heard from your SS before work started. We had a call the day after they started,haha.

    Great news about the frames being delivered!! Ours are due for delivery tomorrow so we can cross our fingers together that the rain stays away this week..

  3. Hi Lauren,

    Crossing fingers and toes for you this week for your slab.That concrete looks so wonderful once laid. Seems like end of the week is better weather than the next couple of days.

    Hi Shayne,

    Sounds like you are a week behind us, good news about your frame delivery. Looking forward to seeing your pics.

    We got our windows delivered today.
    Funny how they just sit on the ground in rubble...

  4. Hi Sandrine,

    DH has just driven past and it seems our frames have been delivered - YAY!
    Didnt look like anyone was there on site however - not sure when they are due to start them (they were scheduled to be delivered yesterday).

    Hope the rain stayed away for you today and they have started on yours!

    It is funny how the windows just sit there isn't it? Doesn't seem right but it seems to be the way it is! I think I will worry about them (especially our HUGE timber doors sitting around like that until they are actually fitted :)