Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Framing Started, starting to look like a house built out of sticks

Was great to see some activity resuming on site today after about a week's gap, and what we saw was the ground floor structure slowly starting to take shape...

Spoke to SS on Monday and he gave a quick update on what was to happen this week. Ground floor frames would finish this week and they will start on 1st floor by Wednesday. Its been good that the rain has held out to allow this progress.

Did a quick drive by this morning and here they are in action. They have attached some scaffolding to the frames to start the first floor...very exciting.


  1. I still flaws me that it can happen so quickly, its looking great Sandrine! Here's to the weather continuing in the same fashion!!

  2. Thanks Lauren, its amazing how much they can do in a few days. Like you just wish that they were always on site so that work can progress and we can be in our houses already :)

    Seems like we share the same passion for the Kitchenaid mixers. I've got my eye on the mint green one.
    Your cake looks amazing on your blog, post more photos and spread the word.

  3. Looking great! Seems both our houses are speeding along at a very similar pace :)

    Forecast is for good weather (apart from perhaps a shower tomorrow) coming up so we should see lots of progress in the next week or so!

  4. Thanks Sandrine - I really enjoy the cake making, good fun. I am in love with the mint green one too - the picture on my blog is the "pitstacio" colour.

    I'm not sure what movement on our place is at the moment, we haven't been down in a couple of weeks, but we're heading down on the weekend. My mum said that on Tuesday we had frames, so hopefuly they're busy putting them up, and we'll be plesantly surprised when we get there!

    All three of our houses look like they're keeing up with eachother, makes watching and sharing the progress even more exciting I think!

  5. WOW! Our place doubled in size overnight between Wednesday and Thursday so I'm guessing yours may have too Sandrine?

    Cant wait to see more pics :)

    Gorgeous weather we are having is definitely helping, cant ask for better!