Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Handover Tomorrow!!

Yes, we can hardly believe it too. I think we'll definitely be pinching ourselves if everything does to plan.

Following more screwups by tradies last week that put things in jeopardy again, it took some pushing and shoving to get the SS to agree to having the council inspection on Monday. Thankfully, it did happen, and passed.

Some wisdom we've gleaned about these final stages of the build, all of you whom have reached this stage will no doubt relate to:

  • Expect that nothing you've been promised will actually take place, then you might be pleasantly surprised on some rare occasions. But you all know that already. :)
  • Organise bank settlement request (and valuation inspection) early. In our case it was almost 10 days between submitting the final invoice and being able to collect the final cheque.
  • Do not expect the same expediency of the builder's admin and accounts departments in issuing the aforementioned final paperwork as they do with issuing the progress payment invoices.
  • Don't expect the builder's QA processes to be adequate.
  • Don't expect that an independent inspection will catch everything either.
  • Don't expect that the builder will agree to fix everything, there will inevitably be some compromises.
  • Do organise telco and pay-TV connections well in advance.
  • Expect to have "fun" trying to guess the handover day (officially, we had TWO days notice) and keep flooring/blinds/landscaping/furniture companies on "hot standby".
  • Do expect that eventually The Day will arrive and you won't believe it's finally here either. 

Stay tuned...



    I have fingers and toes crossed all goes smoothly tomorrow - and I am totally GREEN with envy!!!

    Thanks for the pointers too ;)

  2. Sandrine, I love your positivity, that THE DAY will eventually arrive. I suppose we have to grin and bear the stuff ups. No matter of head banging helps. Congratulations, hope everything goes well for tomorrow and your move.

  3. Oh WOW! 24 hours away from blogs and you guys are handing over.
    I'll keep everything crossed for a hassle-free, enjoyable day!!

  4. Good luck - I hope all goes to plan:) Enjoy the moment and whirlwind that will follow!

  5. Oh yaaay!!! Good luck with it all :))) xo

  6. Hi, noticed the lights on when I went passed tonight on my way to the shops. Figure your hand over went well. Congratulations.

  7. With no internet sorry I'm so behind on your build, big CONGRATULATIONS and enjoy.

  8. Yep, I second all those! Especially the arrangement of pay-tv and telco connections. We are STILL waiting to be connected....3 weeks after move in. iinet have been hopeless..