Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bricking Almost Complete

Went to the house yesterday and was great to see 5 brickies working away.
Looks like the bricking is almost complete, the portico is almost done and bricking is ¾ of the way up the front of the house. They have also bricked ¾ of the way up the right elevation.

Called our SS to get an update, he seems to think that they will complete bricking by tomorrow...
then the bricks need 4 days to dry and allow acid levels to settle. Next, fascia will be installed, scaffolding will then be taken down to allow for the bricks to be cleaned, all starting mid next week.

Tiling of the roof will start at the end of next week or start of the week after all weather depending.

So excited by all this news... when I think about the whole building process, we sometimes forget how much they have done in such a short time. They started on the site on the 31st August and two months later we might have a roof on. I think it's the waiting at the beginning that makes all of us who are building so anxious to get things happening to be able to move into our new homes! So far, have to give Metricon a big thumbs up.

Our neighbour who is building an Eden Brae house, started about 3 weeks before us and is having to chase Eden Brae for their bricks to continue. The neighbour on the other side is an owner builder and started almost 6 weeks before us is halfway with the bricking.

Guess that's the way the building game works, one big rollercoaster.

Anyway here are some pics of my trip there yesterday....

Front and right elevation bricking


  1. Looking great! They have flown along with your bricks!!

    Is the whole facade brick on your design, no cladding anywhere?

    Good to know the timeframe too - I am dying to know the rough timeline for the next few things :)

  2. Hi Shayne,

    Thank u, yes they have been really speedy.

    Whole front façade is brick except for portico which will be rendered.
    Back of the house, above outdoor room will be cladded.

    Interested to know if your timeline is going to be the same..keep us posted :)

  3.'s looking very much like a house now! Seems your brickies are just as keen to get their kit off as ours :)

  4. Wow, with that much of the house brick they have been really quick!

    I am going to give our new SS a call today to get a run down on whats planned for the next few weeks. And to let him know to please call me with updates, not my husband, who forgets everything by the time he talks to me and is not as up to speed with the house design and process of building as me. I asked our last SS to do this and he still called Jason. Urgh!