Friday, October 15, 2010

Bricks progress, and later with scaffolding

Drove past early Thursday morning before work and took some pictures of the progress of the bricks.

Whilst we were there the scaffolding was being delivered, this is great news as hopefully this means that they will be progressing the bricks to the top. Guess this is the last time we will see the exterior of the house properly till its almost complete and they remove the complaints we are very happy with the progress!

Here are some pictures of the bricking and the house with scaffold on at the end of the day...

Garage bricking

Our outdoor room, looking into the kitchen and dining room

View from our outdoor room

Scaffolding being delivered

The scaffolding of the front of the house

Really looks like a building site now:)


  1. Nice! Looking great guys :)

    I see you had a slab laid for your outdoor room - what are your plans for the floor covering out there?

  2. Very exciting! Glad things are moving along again for you.