Monday, October 11, 2010

Bricking Started

After a couple of weeks of not much to report on and very ordinary weather ... Craig gave our SS a call to check when the bricking was due to start.

They started the following day (Friday) and there was one guy on site on Saturday morning...don't think he was there for long though as it rained for the remainder of the day.

We asked to meet our SS for the first time this morning to go through the house and talk about bricking timelines and also had a couple of questions for him. 7am meet at the house was what we agreed on.

Got Craig out of bed, got the girls out of bed, still in PJ's (the girls, not Craig) :), drove to the house and ... lots of brickies, but alas, no SS.

Craig phoned him and he said he was "crook" and would not make it there today. A call would have been nice. Lucky we don't live too far or we would have been crankier.

Nevertheless at least happy to see brickies working today and hopefully working through the rest of the week.

Here are some pics we took on the weekend of about 1½ day's work:


  1. Now its really starting to look like a house!! Shame about your meeting with the SS - nothing worse! How nice is it to see the windows installed rather than laying all over the floor!

  2. OOO what are those bricks called? They look great!

  3. Hi Lauren, it is beginning to feel like a house with the bricks starting and also being able to walk through and visualise the rooms. I'm getting excited again now just writing about it:)
    Looking forward to seeing your Boral Blue bricks starting:)

  4. Hi Cassandra, we chose Austral Whitsunday 'Brampton' bricks. I'm very happy with the colour. You can check out blog for the finished result.