Monday, January 31, 2011

Stairway to Haven

We've reached another huge milestone, just like some of our fellow "buildees" - the installation of the stairs!

The bottom two treads will be stained and the rest carpeted by us after handover. I've been dying to understand exactly what "bullnoses" are, since it was mentioned on our tender. Suppose that's the extra thick protrusion on those bottom stairs. Learning all the building terminology is great but unfortunately not something you can necessarily impress your work colleagues with at the water dispenser. :)

Metricon refused to put in a door to the stair void anywhere other than from the lounge/kitchen/dining area (through the doorway to the right) because the stairs are on top of  the "step-down" for our slab. Frankly, on seeing the final result and the amount of space underneath, we think this was poor advice, and we're definitely going to install a small door after handover. After all, we need a place to threaten to send the kids when they're naughty! ;)

We are really happy with the timber + steel look so far, should look great once everything is stained/painted. We opted for a couple of stair lights along the wall (good for the kids getting a drink of water at night etc).

We noticed that cornices started going on as well so architraves, skirting and doors should be done this week. It won't be long until we get locked out ... so a quick first look at the view for Sandrine who was too scared to climb the ladder! 

Hope everyone has a good week with lots of progress.


  1. Nice!!! Congrats!!

    We had a similar conversation with Metricon about a door close to stairs - (2 steps in hallway due to slop of land) but luckily it wasn't the one under the staircase - I know I will be loving the storage under there :)

  2. I wonder why they wouldn't do the door under the stairs? We have the exact same set up as you with the stepdown into the leisure/kitchen. The door was actually installed yesterday, I'll post a pic on our blog. It will open up over the steps so maybe thats why Metricon had an issue doing it?

  3. Hi Rachael thanks for posting the picture of the under stairs door on your blog. Interesting how Metricon wouldn't allow it and Wisdom didn't object for you. We hope that we can get a small door installed there after handover.