Saturday, January 22, 2011

Gyp, Rock and Roll

We are stoked to finally have the house gyprocked over a month after what was originally scheduled.

We can really see the shape of the rooms and imagine the layout of our furniture, starting to get excited again!!

Without further ado here are the pictures...

Standing from the family room looking towards the kitchen

Kitchen slimline window

Family room, tv nook on the left

Fridge nook on the left, there will be two wooden steps up to the hallway

Outdoor room ceiling and a little of our view...

The view from our ensuite bath, should we get this window frosted or keep the view?? Thoughts everyone ...

And finally, evidence of the lengths that we have gone to to ensure that the gyprockers do a quality job, he he.

No gyprockers were harmed in the making of this photo. Get back to work mate!!!!


  1. Looks fabulous!! Isn't it the greatest feeling? Ours was definitely over a month after we were first told it would be done so I can relate :)

    Cornices next then stairs, architraves and doors etc??

  2. Lol Too funny!!!
    Re: leaving the ensuite window un-obscured for view i think is not the best idea as its gonnna work 2 ways: 1) u seeing the view 2) u being the view hehehehe

  3. wait a minute!! did u tie the gyprocker's hand? hehehe

  4. @ Shayne, yes def a great feeling! Stairs to be fitted this Thursday, the the fitters start on site next week for cornices,architraves and doors.
    I can't wait to see the stairs and the upstairs of the house as I have been too chicken to go up on the ladder.
    Looking forward to seeing your pics after your stairs are installed:)

  5. @ Olga, will have to be shutters there, I think. Still don't know what the plans are for the block behind us.
    .....he he no his hand was like that when we turner up :)

  6. Loving this progress! I would definitely have that bathroom window frosted :)