Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Quick Update - Insulated

Happy to see more progress today with the wall and roofing insulation going in...

The roof batts are rated R4.1 and they're pretty thick monsters:

Gyprock was delivered today as well, and according to our SS, the crew start on this tomorrow.


  1. Awesome - progress!

    Isnt it funny after all the stop starting both our sites have had we are still neck & neck?

    It is still going to be very interesting to see if our handovers end up being really close together too - and it reassures me when I feel delated about ours that your is keeping the same pace :)

    Looking forward to pics of the gyprock up - it makes a HUGE difference, and one of the most exciting in a LONG time!

  2. Looking good! WOW - I can't believe we started at the same time, and we don't even have any electrical rough in, no insulation and not even a hint of gyprock... the house isn't being gyped... we are!!!

  3. That's what we want to see! Hope your place is gyprocked as quick as ours was. I agree with Shayne, the gyprock transforms the place from building site to house :)

  4. Lauren - Thanks. Can certainly understand your frustration, only just over a week ago we were in the same situation. Here's hoping there's a flurry of activity at your place in the coming days.

    Shayne & Rachael - Thanks. Yes, in fact, gyprocking started yesterday so we can't wait to see how it looks by the weekend!