Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Spark of Progress

Hurray, post-shutdown activity has been kicked-off at the house and the electrical pre-wire (call it a "rough-in" if you're tough enough!) has finally been done.

This is what a three-way switch can look like behind the scenes ...  spaghetti!

In-wall conduit with draw-wire for flat-screen wall mounting, viewed from the laundry side. Will have to be really careful about drilling holes for the brackets with those water pipes around! Yes dear, it'll be fine :)

Puzzled by the height of the light switch plates in this area ... maybe if elves (or our children, same thing) are going through to the garage at night?

This is where all the network (cat6) and free-to-air cabling have been terminated in the garage where I will setup our future communications rack after handover:

Air conditioning ducting and internal motor has also gone in on the same day. Good boys Vaccaro!


  1. Great news!

    Isnt it funny the way timing works- our rough in happened months ago, yet they gyprock only FINALLY started yesterday :)

    Heres to lots of movement from here on in for both our houses!

  2. great progress Craig .. are you going to have some cross beams for the tv mounting ?? easier if you have them done now so you don't have to re-enforce the wall later !!

  3. @Shayne – thanks. Yes it’s strange how the sequence and timing varies so significantly between SS’s, and especially across states. That’s great news that your gyprocking has begun!

    @Marlon – thanks mate. Great tip. There are noggins on the outside of the wall as shown - I was thinking that was sufficient, especially if I measure the location of these, take photos, etc. See also here ... but now I'm doubting myself. :S

  4. Hurrah...progress!! So good to see work has kicked off again for you.