Sunday, January 2, 2011


Happy New Year to all our fellow buildee's! This is the year we bring it all home people!

After the angst associated with our last post over the lack of any discernible progress during December, we decided (with some trepidation) it was worth escalating our concerns to our CSR. Within hours we received feedback that our SS understood and shared some of our frustrations, and that resources would be pulled from other jobs onto ours, including electrical pre-wiring so as to permit gyprocking over the break.

The effect of this was that the remaining guttering, roofing and cladding was completed in the last couple of days before Christmas. Good.

Unfortunately the electrical pre-wiring didn't, hence neither will gyprocking commence until around mid Jan. Disappointing.

Metricon accounts department were very efficient though, ensuring we received the 'lockup' stage invoice dated 24 December.


  1. Wow, sure glad you're getting some action, that must be a relief - but I really hope they're not going to be pulling any workers off our job... we're way further behind than you are... still!!

  2. Happy 2011 and YAY for a little action! Lets hope it continues :)

    Looks like a few of us will be getting 'plastered' this month!

  3. @Lauren - Sorry to hear you're frustrated too. What's your SS got to say about it?

    @Rachael - Happy new year to you too. That's very funny re. "getting plastered"! The Building Industry is just full of comedy material. :)

    Hope you both get some positive news very soon.