Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kitchen Kitchen- Excitement beyond belief

Now this is too exciting...

There is some kitchen action happening as I type. Went passed the house this morning, and there was two vans and one ute at the front. This was a good sign... Went inside for a quick peek and there was someone installing the kitchen cabinetry. He was already half way through and it was only 11am. Upstairs was someone working on the waterproofing of the ensuite.

Can't wait to go back tonight to see through the windows how much was completed today.

A good, good action day.

Just a couple of pics..till my next post.

Kitchen cabinets...
Waterproofing of ensuite...


  1. So very exciting Sandrine, keep those pictures coming!!

  2. Thanks Lauren:) Wishing you lots of action over the next few weeks too.

  3. WOOHOO!!

    Action stations at our place too - SO satisfying!!

    Cant wait to see it all done!!