Wednesday, February 2, 2011

More kitchen pics..

Hi all, as promised here are a few more kitchen pics taken last night through the window hence the poor quality....
Kitchen looks fantastic!! Top cabinets are 'slate grey' and bottom cabinets are' 'frosty white'.
Island splashback is also slate grey.
Top cabinets are a combination of lift-up cabinets and open shelving on each side.
Cooker will slot-in on the left side in the middle of the splashback window.
Pantry and fridge space. Dishwasher and microwave space in the island bench. Kitchen sink will be in the middle of the island bench.


  1. Looks GREAT!! Are you happy with the choices now you can see them in real life? I spent so long wondering if what I had chosen would look any good - such a long agonising wait!!

    Then last night I drove myself crazy thinking the handles will be too small on some of my kitchen drawers, which are almost 1 metre long!! Dying to go and see them..

    I think our handles are the same actually?? Are some of yours longer than others or are they all the same length? See? I'm obssessed!! Ours are code 10.01.2004 (yes, I looked it up last night after seeing the bathroom ones, which are the same style but smaller) and googled them to see pics..crazy i tell you!!)..

  2. Absolutely love it....I think the two colours look fantastic. The eye is drawn in a harmony of colours, well done. What is benchtop and splashback going to be?

  3. Lovely colours, kitchen is looking fab! How rude is it to be locked out of your own house?! lol :)

    Shayne - you crack me up :)

  4. Rachael I drove myself nuts! LOL

  5. Shayne, you are hilarious! The handles are the same indeed:) Very happy with them. Its such a long time to wait to see if all the colour choices we made last year are all the right ones and that they work together. Very happy that they do.
    What about u?
    Thanks Rachael, loving the kitchen. Can't wait to get in there and cook something,but what will the first dish be?
    Do you think you will be in your house by the end of next month?

    Thank you Debra, we are going to have a tile splashback in a mocha mosaic tile. I'll do a post about these colours soon :)

  6. LOL, glad I amused everyone with my handle paranoia! ;) Same handle - great minds!
    Yep, I am very happy so far - bit nervous about some of the tiles but by this time next week hopefully they will all be laid and I can be put out of my agony ;)

  7. Looks great! We have chosen slate grey too for our above counter cabinetry and appliance tower in crystal that what yours is? And for the bottom cabinets and island bench we have chosen coloform designer white in a matt finish. Very similar colour scheme to yours! Looks fab :)

  8. Thank Tonia, our slate grey cabinets are Colorform in a matt finish. The bottom cabinets are frosty white also in matt finish. We've gone for a mocha mosaic tile for the splashbacks, hope it all works together, getting a bit nervous about it now:) What have you chosen for your splashback?

  9. We have gone for a glass splashback in Dulux ''Dieskau''(light grey)..really hope it looks good! Its so scary just waiting until everything gets installed..i keep wondering whether or not I have made the right decision! Your colours look I guess mine will too seeing they are pretty much identical :) Just hope the splashback matches too!