Monday, February 14, 2011

Fixing and water proofing

After a week of not much happening, we have some things booked in for this week and next week...

Week before last they started on the fixing, kitchen and installing the ensuite, bathroom and powder room cabinetry as well as the laundry. The doors and architraves were installed and cornices and skirtings were completed.

We met with our SS on site last Friday (for the first time in 6months). He mentioned that the Caesarstone people will be coming to the house this week to measure up for the bench tops, and they will be fitted in the next week or so..

We are missing a few doors, they ordered the wrong doors for the powder room and butlers pantry..they are supposed to be the upgraded ceiling height, the ones delivered are standard height.
They also ordered the wrong doors for our master bed. This has held up the tiling in these areas as they cannot do the tiling before the doors and architraves are on.
I understand that the tiling cannot be done for the powder room..however this should not hold up the tiling start for the kitchen and ensuite bathroom..i'm quite annoyed about this!

So instead of the tiling starting this week. The painter started this morning and will work this week on the undercoat throughout the house. Then the painter has another job to finish at the end of this week, not sure when he will be back. Guessing that the painter and tilers cannot work side by side, due to the dust when cutting the tiles.???

What I don' t understand is why they have only one painter for a double storey house. Come on Metricon, you can do better than this.

We haven't been given an exact date on when tiling is due to start, we hope that when they start they stick with us till its finished and don't go to another job.

Our SS will not give an approx date for completion, his response is that once painting and tiling is finished, he will then be able to give us a realistic estimate for completion. The frustration there is that we cannot give a tentative date for all the post handover things that we need to organise. Arghhh.

Ensuite cabinetry. Love the Concept Oak colour! Think it will look great with our osprey Caesarstone bench tops.

The bath hob will be tiled in the same colour as the wall tile.

Missing door to our Master bedroom. We need this door to keep the kids out:)

The main bathroom, our girls bathroom
Powder room, will have feature mosaic tiles around the mirror.

Other than that we had a great weekend with great friends and cannot wait to entertain our friends and family in our new house. We know that it will all be worth it!!

Our 4 year old daughter got her first valentines present...yes at four years old!! Will have to build a big gate to keep the boys away :)


  1. Looking fantastic!

    I am also very frustrated at the stop/start nature of things and tradesmen seemingly unable to stick to on job for more than one day!

    One painter? Soooo slow!

    Hope we both see progress this week - our site was a ghost town today -not happy.

  2. Sandrine, its looking great!! Did you guys ever get an independent building report prior to gyprocking??

  3. Yes Shayne, one painter. They need to get more contractors on the books.Otherwise I'll be there with my roller helping out:)
    Hope you get some more action this week.

    Thanks Lauren:) no we didn't get a report done as we know that council appoints an independent inspection company to inspect the frame before official lock up. So we opted not to, hope its the right decision.
    How is your build going?

  4. They really do need more contractors - seems to be hard to get enough to go around..

    I mentioned to my friend today I might just take my aerobed there soon and start camping out and give them a hand ;)

    I measured the doors still to be fixed at our place today - looks like our bedroom door is the wrong size so we will be without ours for a while too. At $1000 a pop thats a pricey mistake!

  5. Looking good Sandrine! One painter....gosh that will take a while??

    I was gobsmaked when I realised there was only one tiler? I wonder if we only have one painter too?

    Lauren - how is your place going???

  6. We were told that this painter (the one and only) for our house at least is really good.

    Admittedly we want a good job done but you think that they would have a couple of companies that they can contract for each job. Not one that floats around a few jobs.

    Rachael, hope you get your tiler back.

    Shayne, hope you get yours back too.

    Lauren, what is happening on your site this week?

    Maybe we should start dressing really provocatively to get the contractors on site, he he.

  7. LOL Sandrine!! Yes I am starting to think that each SS has their own painter, tiler etc and they run them back and forth between each of their jobs, hence rather large delays - frustrating!!

    Have you had any progress this week??