Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday update-Painting continues, caesarstone installed

Went to the house bright an early this morning @ 7:15am, for an appointment with our painter. This mtg was scheduled after a phone call late Tuesday night with our SS to question one of the colours on the stairs...
The painter picked up a mistake made by Studio M!! They had our stairs with the dark oak stain for the hand rails and 2 bottom risers as well as the zig zag pattern on the side of the stairs which was all OK. But the bottom hand rail as Dulux Lexicon Quarter not the dark oak stain as it should have been. I'm very grateful that the painter questioned this on his sheet, instead of just painting it anyway. It would have looked awful and I would have gone totally bonkers!! Just ask Craig :)

After this almost disaster, OK slightly exaggerating a little..... was rectified, we had a quick look around the house..

This is what has been done so far since my last post...

All the ceilings throughout the house have been painted, as well as the undercoat of the downstairs and upstairs areas. Architraves, skirtings and cornices also under coated. He started on the doors today, and will continue that till the end of the week. As well as staining of the stairs and all the wooden doors, including our front door.

Will have to make a trip back on Friday to check out what the stairs look like stained. We wont have all the stairs stained, as it will be carpeted for the kids safety. Afraid that now that we have two kids, some of the 'oh that would look so fab' factor has to take a back seat over, 'oh the kids might slip down the stairs' factor. Will still look fantastic, I hope.

Caesarstone benchtops have been installed in the kitchen, bathrooms, powder room and laundry,all looks great. We went for Osprey with all the Concept Oak cabinetry and 'Ivory' for the kitchen benchtops. Thought that it might be too white, with the white cabinetry and wanted something a little warmer. Sinks have also been installed in all the wet areas. Except for the main bathroom.

Cardboard stuck on the bench tops for protection

A lift of the the cardboard reveals the beautiful 'Ivory' colour caesarstone bench tops

The splashback mosaic tiles for the kitchen, can't wait to see these up

The kitchen sink
Laundry sink
Laundry, wishing that I had more cabinetry here, will do that after handover.

Ensuite sinks and bench tops, just beautiful..

Powder room sink and bench top

As we were leaving the truck came to deliver the sand for the tilers tomorrow. Can't wait to see the tiles. Very anxious to see that all my colours are coming together.

Watch this space for the next update:)


  1. Classy Sandrine - Splashback will set it off beautifully.

  2. I can't wait to see your splashback up, it will look fantastic. Great choices! Such a relief seeing it all come together nicely huh?

    We have the same bathroom basins :)

    Our laundry looks very similar to yours with regards to set up and storage space. Kinda wish we had put a few more cupboards in like Shayne and Jason did!

  3. Thank you Debra and Tonia:) Went to the house today and had butterflies waiting to see the start of the tiling and the house was all locked up and no one working.
    @ Rachael, yes I am jealous of Shayne's laundry he he. Read your blog re your electrical mix up. A blessing in a way, now that you are getting a better system.